Xi Jinping reelected as Chinese President

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson
Beijing, March 17 (Chineseonline)– Xi Jinping has been elected as Chinese President with a full vote of 2970 votes during the third plenary session at the ongoing National People’s Congress.

Xi was also elected as the Chairman of the Military Commission of the Communist Party of China unanimously.

There are 2980 members of the people’s delegates from all over the country attending the current 15 day NPC. 10 people were absent from today’s congress.

Wang Qishan was elected as vice president of China.

Li Zhanshu was elected as Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee. 14 vice chairman including Wang Chen were elected during the session.

All those who were elected as leaders of China vowed in front of the Chinese constitution to be loyal to the country and to work hard to serve the country.

At the beginning of the plenary session, they also approved the Institutional Reform of the State Council submitted recently. The reform suggests that the Tourism administration and Ministry of Culture merged into one as Ministry of Culture and Tourism. State Family Planning Commission was aborlished while a new ministry of retired soldiers affairs was established.

Migration Ministry is a brand new ministry.

Today Beijing saw a little more snow and rain showing a good future for this year and next year.

Xi Jinping has continued to be president as a second term. Wang Qishan was former discipline secretary who helped Xi Jinping to fight against corruption with strong determination and won a lot of applauses from the people.

Li Zhanshu used to be Heilongjiang Provincial party secretary.

According to the schedule, tomorrow premier, and vice chairman of the military will be elected. They are proposed by President Xi and will be on approval tomorrow by the people’s deputies.

During this first session of the 13th National People’s Congress right after the CPC National Congress, a new constitution was also approved by the deputies. That regulates the terms of the president, vice president, chairman of the military and the chairmanship of the National People’s Congress. That means as long as they are elected by the deputies, they will continue to exert their power.

Many deputies think this is a good revision because China is so large that it takes time for the policies to be implemented. This will be conducive to the consistency of the policies and measures taken by the party and the government.