Shenzhen likes to cooperate with Stockholm

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 20(Greenpost)– During the Shenzhen International Image promotion event and “City+” exhibition held in Stockholm, Liu Ang, Deputy Director of the Office of the Shenzhen municipal government said Shenzhen and Stockholm have many opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration in the fields of sustainable development, technology innovation, culture, healthcare and education.

He said that Shenzhen is the first and the most successful special economic zone in China, and it is the frontier and window for the world to learn about the achievements and development of the reform and opening in China. It has developed from “the small fishing village across Hong Kong” to a great city with equal economic entity compared to Hong Kong.

Shenzhen is the youngest first-tier cities in China, it was found 38 years ago, and the average age of population is only 33 years old.

Shenzhen is also a city of innovation in China and even worldwide. Many big technology and financial innovative companies gather in Shenzhen and Shenzhen provides a sustainable development environment for medium and small business.

Further more, Shenzhen is a low-carbon green city. It has the best city air in China, the cleanest public transportation system, more than 50 % of urban green coverage rate, and the precious mangrove forest coastline.

President Xi jingping once said: “The friendship between nations depends on people’s affinity”. It is the same for the friendship between cities.

Han Xiaodong,  Counselor of Commerce at the Chinese Embassy in Sweden said both Shenzhen and Stockholm are very innovative cities.  They have very extensive potential in deeper cooperation.

Frederik Cho, Vice Chairman of Sweden China Council said he has witnessed the development of Shenzhen and believed that Shenzhen is really a good place for young entrepreneurs or innovators.

Zhang Qiaozhen, President of Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association and Nordic Innovation Center said Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association and Nordic Innovation Center have become the bridges and platforms between Chinese and Nordic enterprise and governments in promoting the exchange of information and mutual development. So we share the common ground with ‘city+’ organization. Therefore we are deeply honored to be able to participate in this event.

“ Nordic Innovation Center is the incubating platforms for Nordic Innovation programs, and we are active in many international cities in China and the Nordic region. Our mission is to select and help Nordic enterprises that suit Chinese capital requirements and industry positioning to enter the Chinese market. We are willing to provide consultation and solutions for Nordic enterprises that are seeking Chinese capital and market to gain insights about Chinese industry policies, local financing, marketing and operations. Furthermore, we are willing to contribute to the promotion of Shenzhen International Image event.” said Zhang Qiaozhen.

Guo Hang Program Officer from Shenzhen International Cooperation and Exchange Foundation gave a demonstration of the City Plus platform.

About 100 people including famous fashion designer Galo participated in the event.

Earlier the delegation visited the Nordic Innovation Center.