China likes to attract more Swedish buyers and sellors to “Canton Fair” and Shanghai CIIE Fair

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Sept. 14(Greenpost) — China Import&Export Trade Fair and China International Import Expo promotion conference has been held in Stockholm.

Zhang Qiaozhen, President of Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association and focal person in Nordic Innovation Center made a welcome remark.

“Over the past 61 years, Canton Fair has been a grand international fair growing up along with New China and a witness for China’s reform and opening up.  ”

Zhang Qiaozhen said over the past decade, Canton Fair has strengthened China and the World’s Trade relations and become the first promotion platform for foreign trade.

Sweden-China Entrepreneur Association is an organization that serves as a bridge between Nordic enterprises and enterprises and government in information exchange, mutual help and cooperation and win-win.  “We shall help those companies that are suitable to develop in China to find partners in China and even help them find funding and provide marketing solutions.  Canton Fair is a good platform for you to go to China and Asian market.”

Han Xiaodong, counselor at the Chinese Embassay in Sweden said Sweden has seen surplus in trade with China. This implies that Chinese people have a strong demand of Swedish goods. He welcomes Swedish enterprises to attend the Canton Fair and China International Import and Export Fair.

Elisabet Söderstrom, Secretary of Sweden-China Trade Council said at the conference that although there are many media in the society, there is still the need to meet face to face.  Canton Fair and China International Import and Export Fair. She said that Huawei and Volvo are actually also their members.

Fredrik Uddenfeldt, Director of Asia Region in Invest Sweden said trade between China and Sweden has increased a lot. Sweden has exported more products to China than to America. Sweden’s enterprises in China also see increases in a number of over 100. China’s manufacturing industry are the best and some products are even better than that in Europe.  So he encouraged enterprises to go to China to attend the two fairs.

Lena Miranda, Chairman of Sweden Incubater and CEO of Jönköping Incubater said that it is time for both Sweden and China to do real businesses, it is not just a visit, but do real business.  Canton Fair and CIIE are good platform for businesses.

Ye Jijiang, Vice Chairman of China Foreign Trade Center finally made a promotion about Canton Fair and CIIE.

“China is melting into the world and the world also needs China. Over the past 61 years, one can see that Canton Fair is one of the most professional trade fair platform. ”

With the 123 fairs over 61 years, China has become the largest export freight trade country.  Canton fair has become the largest fair in the world. During the Spring Fair, a total of 667 Swedish attended the fair among 203346 people.

The 124 fair will be held in Canton between Mid October and Nov. 4.  Ye Jijiang welcome all the Swedish entrepreneurs to attend the fairs.

Moreover, Nov. 5-10, China International Import Expo  will be held in Shanghai, with 2800 enterprises from 130 countries and regions being registered.

The CIIE will be a great platform for bilateral trade.

The two sides also held a small scale close door meeting before the conference.

Over 100 Swedish entrepreneurs and Swedish-Chinese entrepreneurs attended the conference to exchange ideas and shared information。

Photo and Text Xuefei Chen Axelsson.